Mandela Day Heroes!

Angels who have been sent to help us to save those who can't ask for help...



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Fallen Angels is a registered NPO focusing on the rescue, rehabilitation and re -homing of domestic animals that have fallen through the cracks of today's society.

We stand for the sentient being that has been Forgotten, Abandoned (abused), Lost, Lonely, Emaciated or Neglected to help wage the war against this never ending problem!


Who will join our ranks?

What we offer, is the promise to uphold the well being and welfare of those in our care, those still to be found on the battle fields of our surroundings. 


Donate to choose where you will be stationed, we will feature you or your company
for a day on our Facebook page and other social media platforms.


We will also give you a link from on our website, for 12 months, as a
Mandela Day Hero!


Fallen Angels currently has 270 dogs and 70 cats.

That is 144 kg of food per day to keep the troops happy! We provide medical care for the wounded animals and sterilise 50 animals a month, ultimately saving the continued cycle of over-population a further burden of seasonal off spring.


Help us to 'Salute' the Medics that are always there
to support us from the side lines?

Fallen Angels Charity Shop

Cleaning out? Think of us.
Everything that you think can aid us in raising funds for Fallen Angels is welcome at our charity shop!
We gratefully accept anything resalable or usable.
We then sort , price and turn it into cash to help fund our organization.

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