It is our responsibility to improve the welfare of, and to prevent cruelty to, all animals we are capable of saving.

Missing Animals

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If your pet has gone missing, please visit our Fallen Angels Farm in Melkbosstrand in case it has been handed in to us. Whilst you are welcome to phone us, it can be difficult to describe animals and identifying your pet face-to-face is more successful. Remember, sterilised pets are less likely to wander – and having your pet micro-chipped increases the chances of finding him or her. If you find a lost dog or cat, please bring it to our Fallen Angels Farm in Melkbosstrand or keep it safely in your home or yard and call us to come and collect it. You can assist by asking around the neighbourhood in which the animal was found to see if anyone is missing their pet.

Take Action

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We are on call 24/7, we will respond to reports of cruelty and neglect. If you are aware of any such cases please contact us immediately and we will send help. If you feel that you cannot give your pet the proper care that it needs, you are more than welcome to contact us and surrender your pet to us. We will then find a suitable home for your pet. We do however, urge you to only do this if you have no other means of looking after your pet. Although we actively try to find new homes for all our Fallen Angels, this may take weeks and the reality is that only a small percentage are re-homed.

Veterinary Care

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We have a wonderful Vet that helps us give every animal handed over to Fallen Angels a stringent health check to ensure that contagious and fatal diseases do not endanger the lives of other animals. Bergzicht Animal Hospital has a fully equipped theatre in which essential surgery and sterilisations are performed by a team of qualified veterinarians. Additional veterinary services are provided at Fallen Angels – from simple health checks and vaccinations to severe illness. We make sure that all our angels get the help that they so desperately need.

Surrender a Pet


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It can be hard to surrender your pet but if you know that it would be the best for your pet please fill out the surrender form and email it to us. We will make contact with you and do our utmost to find a new home for your angel.


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